Palliative Care

CHAP defines Palliative Care as the organized delivery of patient and family-centered care from an interdisciplinary team that optimizes quality of life by anticipating, preventing and treating symptoms of individuals with serious illness.

Our Standards and philosophy create an environment where patients, families, and communities thrive.

CHAP’s guidance, education, and resources are crucial to providers as they deliver the best patient care.

Standards are designed so that providers of home health and hospice can easily incorporate a palliative team into their operations. They are grouped into domains that align with our home health and hospice standards, making implementation straightforward.  

Standards Cover Palliative Care in several different settings:

  • A service of a currently accredited hospice or home health agency
  • A service of an existing setting such as a physician practice, Assisted Living Facility, or Skilled Nursing Facility, etc.
  • An independent provider of palliative care.

CHAP Certification is accepted broadly by Managed Care and Medicare Advantage payors.

Our standards and site visits focus on patient care and the connection to the Conditions of Participation. Unlike other standards – they start at patient care, and work towards policies and procedures.  

You can expect an educational and collaborative survey experience.. When you submit readiness, we host a Final Readiness Call for your organization helping you prepare with confidence. We will walk through your readiness checklist to lower your stress and create a great survey experience.

Our goal is to be on site within 30 days of readiness submission.

Your CHAP Team

Accreditation Specialist

The Accreditation Specialist delivers timely and responsive customer support to organizations seeking initial and continuing accreditation.

Director of Accreditation

The Director of Accreditation is responsible for ensuring consistent application of accreditation standards, Site Visitor selection and retention, and the satisfaction of our accredited organizations.

Site Visitors

Our team of experienced site visitors plans, organizes, coordinates, and conducts the accreditation site visit in accordance with CMS-approved CHAP policies and procedures governing the accreditation process.

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Top 10 Palliative Care Deficiencies

And tips for remaining compliant