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“What am I going to say to them today?”

Written by Jan Sweat 

Every post-acute sales representative has experienced that moment—sitting in the car, waiting outside a doctor’s office, rehearsing a conversation for what feels like the hundredth time. It’s another visit, another attempt to persuade a doctor for a referral. Thinking, “What’s left to say that I haven’t said already? I feel like I’ve talked about it all.” 

Enter the concept of “Shared Value.”

The very essence of Shared Value is rooted in the understanding that both your agency and the doctor can generate value by addressing needs and challenges. In the context of pre-call planning, it translates to realizing that you and the doctor share a common goal—ensuring the well-being of patients. 

Considering that the sales representative, rather than focusing solely on their service, should pivot the conversation towards the shared objective. The core idea is to not ‘sell’ but to ‘co-create’ solutions that serve the patients better and, in the process, elevate the practice’s success. 

For instance, during the next conversation, instead of reiterating the benefits of your service or product, you could ask, “Doctor, how can we collaborate to ensure that your patients receive the best care possible?” This not only reinforces the Shared Value but also propels the dialogue towards solutions rather than mere transactions. 

  1. Their quality and KPIs 
  2. How they want to be communicated with 
  3. Their process and procedures 
  4. Their business 
  5. Their patients and families 
  6. Medical and disease-specific questions 

Tailor your questions to resonate with the doctor’s concerns. Start with understanding the “Medical” specifics of their patients. Move to discuss their business model, communication preferences, processes, and desired KPIs. By doing so, you align your solution with their unique needs, creating a conversation grounded in mutual benefit. 

A rep should also introduce probing techniques to uncover deeper insights: 

“How has your experience been with post-acute in general?” 

“What challenges have you faced in ensuring consistent patient care in the home?” 

“What do you consider to be the gold standard of care in the home?” 

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The day-to-day reality of a healthcare sales rep is more than meetings and calls; it’s about building genuine connections in an industry where trust is paramount. Every handshake, presentation, and follow-up call is a chance to impact patients’ lives with your solutions. Navigating the complex landscape of healthcare needs, regulatory demands, and competitive pressures is overwhelming, yet it highlights the importance of shared goals and innovative strategies. You are at the forefront, representing your agency and actively contributing to healthcare’s evolution. Your endeavors go beyond fulfilling quotas; they revolutionize patient care and lay the groundwork for a future where healthcare is more responsive, patient-focused, and innovative. 

Incorporating the Shared Value approach in pre-call planning not only refreshes the conversation but also strengthens the bond with the doctor. It’s a way to show that you’re not just another salesperson but a partner in their mission to provide top-tier care. 

Shared Value in pre-call planning is the key to unlocking doors that seemed shut forever. It’s not about convincing anymore—it’s about collaborating for the greater good.

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