Vermont Home Health & Hospice License Requirements

Home Health: License and Certificate of Need approval are required

“VT ADC 12-4-205:3 – “”3.2 A home health agency desiring to become a designated home health agency for Vermont must obtain and maintain federal certification. If nationally accredited, the home health agency must provide the Department with documentation of that status, and notify the Department of any change in status and the reason for the change in status.3.6 A home health agency’s application shall contain:

  • (k) A copy of the most recent accreditation results, if applicable;”


Certificate of Need | Green Mountain Care Board

Hospice: License and Certificate of Need approval are required

License Renewal

For license renewal: “”UT ADC R432-3 – “”The Department may grant licensing deemed status to facilities and agencies accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (Joint Commission), Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), Accreditation Commission for Health Care, or Community Health Accreditation Program in lieu of the licensing inspection by the Department upon completion of the following by the facility or agency:

  • As part of the license renewal process, the licensee shall identify on the Request for Agency Action/Application its desire to:
    • (a) initiate deemed status,
    • (b) continue deemed status, or
    • (c) relinquish deemed status during the licensing year of application.
  • (2) This request shall constitute written authorization for the Department to attend the accrediting agency exit conference.
  • (3) Upon receipt from the accrediting agency, the facility shall submit copies of the following:
    • (a) accreditation certificate;
    • (b) Joint Commission Statement of Construction;
    • (c) survey reports and recommendations;
    • (d) progress reports of all corrective actions underway or completed in response to accrediting body’s action or Department recommendations.”

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Contact Information:

VT DOH: 802-863-7200 or 800-464-4343 (in Vermont)

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