In the accreditation process, it’s important to be prepared

That’s why CHAP works hard to keep customers informed of what to expect

Readiness is a milestone you have achieved when you notify CHAP that you are ready for your Site Visit

Prepare with Confidence

Use the optional self study to prepare with confidence. The self study is a custom online checklist to use to ensure there aren’t any gaps in following CHAP standards. It is online, and mirrors the standards. While it is optional, it is recommended as a great operational tool for site visit readiness. It helps you prepare for your site visit by answering: where to start, how to organize, and how to delegate work to my team.

The self study is a site visit preparation tool. The self study and the standards work hand in hand to assist you in achieving the highest level of success in your CHAP accreditation, and could reduce the risk of citations and deficiencies.

Your site visitor has access to your completed self study and uploaded documents, which can help create a “blueprint” of your organization, optimizing your onsite experience with CHAP.

Final Readiness Call

We host a conference with your organization to walk through what you can expect during a site visit. On this call, we focus on how to prepare with confidence by reviewing your readiness checklist to lower your stress and create a great survey experience.

On the readiness call we will discuss and review that you:

  • Understand the CMS requirements for census at the time of survey to reduce the chance of an aborted visit.
  • If applicable: review definition of skilled services and service lines
  • Confirm hours of operation, contact, and account information
  • Verify licensure and active documents and unduplicated admission counts for medicare certification.
  • Ensure we have a copy of the 855-A letter and service license if applicable
  • Review your accreditation team contact info for any last minute questions..

We work quickly. We are proud of our timely response to readiness.


How to find your Accreditation Specialist and Director of Accreditation Contact info:

  • Log into LinQ and click on “need help” in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

We ensure that there is a timely response to readiness. Once you submit readiness,it takes us approximately two business days to review and approve your readiness and schedule your Final Readiness Call.

We realize and understand your sense of urgency and need for a quick turnaround. Whether you are a start-up agency or transitioning from another Accreditation Organization, we want to make sure we meet your needs.  When you are ready for your site visit and submit readiness, our goal is to be onsite within 30 days.

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